The Guitar Recording Secrets! part 1

How to approach the guitar recording on a ballad? Or any song?! For me it all starts with the concept. I have to figure out what do I want this song to sound like when finished? In my early years of recording it was a long process of trying all kinds of equipment: guitars amps effects, mics... etc. nowadays I pretty much now it! I start with picking the right guitar. For ballad arpeggios I'd usually get one of my Fenders. I am overdubbing the guitar and sometimes I can use another tone or guitar for the overdubbed one. Than I may get an acoustic guitar and blend it in too. Than I track some heavy guitars using Messa or Marshall amps and several cabinets and mics. I am overdubbing them all. Here is a short video of me overdubbing heavy guitars on new song Called: LOVE? I am playing my favorite Carvin axe! Have fun!

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