Here is a video showing some of the mixing process of my new single called I'll See It In Your Smile.

I would like to share some more info about it:

With me there were working my friends and co-workers Swe (BackVocals, recording, editing, mixing and mastering) & DJ Kopche (bass, editing, mixing). We recorded the drums with 16 microphones the acoustic guitars with 2 Neumanns U87s and a DI, the electric GTR going trough Messa Boogie Mark 5 into 6 top GTR choice microphones all trough our 1073's and API's preamps into the Pro Tools HDX. We also used some API And Neve compressors and EQ;s here and there. For The Mixing we run all the tracks individually trough API compressors and Neve EQ's that made them mix ready. The rest was in the box mixing game. For the first time for this session I was more of a consultant than doing the actual mixing. Swe and DJ Kopche took it to the point were I just had to sit for an hour to adjust the tings to my taste. The mastering was Swe's work and he did a great Job! The results are great and it took me less time to get the final product ready. You can take a listen here: www.4040.bg or type 4040 in Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play or whatever. Thank you!