Recording Acoustic Guitars

Lately I am recording some acoustic guitars for two new songs. The working titles are: Good Days and Second. This time I decided to use a simple setup: Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar, two Neumann U87 pointed: Left around 12th fret and Right pointing around the bridge. The recording chain continues trough 2 AMS Neve 1073's than AMS Neve 8803 Stereo EQ than API 2500 stereo compressor and Pro Tools HDX as a recorder. This Gave me the thick and shiny sound I was looking for. I overdubbed the guitars so I can pan the two channels left for the one guitar and the two right for the second one. This approach gave me great results. I say simple setup, because sometimes I use 3 microphones close, 2 room and one DI. You can try this - you'll love it!

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