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4040 (Chavdar Petkov) is a rock guitar player, singer and producer, born on September 3, 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


4040 (Chavdar Petkov) is a Bulgarian Rock guitar player, singer and producer, born on September 3, 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has a Master’s degree in Theology and completed an online Master degree program using Pro Tools in Berklee College of music.


4040’s musical style is rock and his songs are structured around melodious vocal lines as well as guitar riffs and solos. He performs his songs in English in order to reach a broader audience of rock music fans worldwide.

In 2012, 4040 founded the music production and sound recording studio Perfect Records.

4040 was only eight when he started playing the classic guitar and at fourteen he became a member of the school rock band White Rose as a lead guitar and vocals. The band recorded a number of songs as Hold Your Tongue, White Rose and Do You Wanna be A Train? They played in concerts and live performances in Bulgaria and became one of the best at the time. Striving for perfection, 4040 played the guitar twelve hours a day, constantly looking for new techniques and sounds, regardless of the scarce information available. Back then, his style was influenced by the legends Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Resolved to compose, record and produce his own music, 4040 created his own home Pro Tools based studio and started online classes at the Berklee College of music


In 2012, when Perfect Records was founded, he started recording his songs, inviting some of the best and most talented musicians in Bulgaria to take part. Since than he has recorded, mixed and mastered several projects by his artistic name - 4040!

His first album The World Has Changed containing 14 songs was released on June 1, 2015 for the birthday of his daughter Pam Pam, to whom one of the songs is devoted.

Later in 2017 he released an EP called: Rise Again with 4 songs.

Now in 2020, 4040 just released a new Single called Get Me! 

It is a stunning rock song that will be a part of his new album coming soon! 

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